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Our Work

MeKosha Solutions has been fortunate to interact and work with clients in multiple domains and some of our noteworthy projects are listed below for you to appreciate the value addition that MeKosha Solutions can bring to your business.

Data center upgrade for a enterprise telecom company

MeKosha Solutions founders as part of their career helped a large telecommunications company implement a 360deg infrastructure upgrade to help the organisation build its next generation of products. Business Requirement: The company needed an infrastructure that could enable and sustain its transformation to build its next generation of products. The expanding organisation required for optimised use of shared infrastructure focusing on operational efficiency. The Solution Differentiator As leaders of the transformation project they were able to achieve - Modernisation and Virtualisation of 3500 Servers to 140 servers - Consolidation of 200 to less than 50 Network Assets - Create a storage backbone capable of handling 1 PB of data. - Increased call handling capabilities from 50000 to 500000 calls per minute. - Upgraded the Network Backbone from 1 to 100 GBPS - Segregate Network for Data , Storage & VPC traffic - Enable a fully secure work from home Infrastructure -Software Defined Management Layer for Zero  Datacentre Access - HA & Failover to remote location The upgrade resulted in - Compliant to PCI/DSS , HIPPA, GDPR, SOX & ISO27001 - Reduced Cost of Operations by 67% - ROI of less than 11 months - 99.9 % uptime - Operational Efficiency - Change Management Based DC

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Upgrading On premise infrastructure at a large agri company

MeKosha Solutions engaged with a leading Agri Tech company based in India to upgrade its Network and Hardware Infrastructure for its multiple locations. Having  experienced an extensive data loss due to component failure the team was looking for an experienced Infrastructure solution partner to create a cost effective and robust solution. Business Requirement: The company was looking for a partner to execute a turnkey project to Upgrade infrastructure hosted at its various locations Ability to update its applications to support future needs Setup IT security & secure access controls to support its technology upgrade requirements. Host applications to meet its business & compliance needs The MeKosha Solution & Differentiator MeKosha Solutions engaged with the company to conduct a thorough study based on the following action items. Workload Analysis: Evaluate the existing infrastructure, including hardware, software, applications, and dependencies. Segregate H/W for scrapping vs life extension and low priority workloads. Migration Strategy: Identify "lift and shift" migration, re-platforming, or re-architecting of workloads. Identify cloud implementations to be consolidated to on premise. Consolidation Scope: identify and consolidate workloads (eg Databases, Server Side applications etc) that can use shared resources for optimum utilisation of IT resources. Scope and Dependencies: Identify interdependencies between applications, databases, and services to plan migration sequences. Design Specifications and BOM : Create a design configuration for standardised use cases (Datacentre, Farm, Office etc)  & BOM thereof Risk Assessment: Identify potential risks, challenges, and mitigation strategies for each migration phase. Testing and Validation Strategy: Develop a test plan for UAT and handover. Based on the above the following deliverables were targeted for implementation Servers and Storage: Perform OS standardisation Migration to Linux based OS where feasible Implementation of secure access to data stores via secure remote desktops. Storage segregation : workload based storage segregation for optimal performance. Secure Access: conversion of storages into file and block storages for secure access. Configuration of antivirus , port blocking & disk encryption Network: Implementation of Firewall and VPN access across the network. Segregate traffic for priority access PVN network for data isolation of sensitive assets and security of databases. BYOD Enabled. Application: Conduct an architectural review of application infrastructure and recommendation for secure deployments to improve application & data security.

Managed services for agro tech robotic company

MeKosha Solutions working with India’s First Agri Tech company on providing design , stack integration architecture, IT Security and Managed Infrastructure services Business Requirement: The digital transformation of the company and its business model need to be backed by a sound machine and software architecture that incorporates a go to market model that enables the machine to achieve functionality in conjunction with its business growth model and a fit for size IT roadmap. The MeKosha Differentiator MeKosha Solutions brings to the company over 20 years of experience in application architecture and Roadmap Definition. MeKosha is working with the company to assess its roadmap, conduct architecture and design assessments of its solutions , solution providers and integration opportunities. It is also working on identifying cutting edge technology solutions that can help build newer use cases for adoption within its roadmap. Service Alignment. MeKosha is providing the company with assistance in its Digital Transformation by providing 1. IT Consultancy and vCTO services 2. IT Managed Infrastructure Services 3. IoT full stack Security design services for compliance to E-commerce integration requirements via VPAT services 4. Remote Edge device deployments and management of edge services. 5. Device Communication security 6. Secure Application deployment

Digital transformation for a multi sectoral manufacturing company

A multi sectoral manufacturing company has entrusted MeKosha Solutions with driving its digital transformation Business Requirement: The company is looking at adapting the latest software applications and integrations of their processes and systems using tools such as ERP, Whatsapp for Business and Regulator manadated applications. The MeKosha Differentiator MeKosha Solutions is helping the company build integrations with existing ERP and standalone applications that it uses to create a cohesive platform for operations. The project also involves the development of Integrated Dashboards for realtime monitoring of Projects , Resources and Cashflow estimates. Being a Muti sectoral player the systems integrate operations , materials management and retail activities for the company on to an integrated dashboard. MeKosha. Solutions was able to provide capabilities in 1.Application Development 2. Integration of 3rd Party applications and Custom API development 3. App Development 4. Omnichannel Platform Integration for 24x7 communication and interaction.

Deployment of a large scale healthcare application

MeKosha Solutions is the managed Infrastructure services partner to a pan India healthcare service aggregator, focusing on digital healthcare solutions. . Business Requirement: The India Digital Heathcare system is growing rapidly and is being driven by a high availability Infrastructure footprint at a low cost per user structure. The company was building an application suite of progressive web apps and mobile applications that would help reach a large cross section of society. The MeKosha Differentiator MeKosha Solutions impressed upon the company the need for a hybrid approach for a reliable, Muti region and high availability system that would ensure an always available service architecture oriented Infrastructure Architecture that could scale upto 200K concurrent users. The on premise segment of the design was built for enhanced analytics capabilities and for ensuring compliance requirements. Considering the system was also built as a ePHI application and aggregator of health services like Diagnostics, Consultation and Insurance, MeKosha Solutions was entrusted with ensuring Infrastructure and Application were compliant with HIPPA, PCI DSS ,DPDP & GDPR regulations. The product re-engineering utilises MeKosha’s capabilities in 1.Design for Compliance 2.SOA Architecture 3. IT Managed Infrastructure Services 4. IT Security , Network Security. 5. VPAT, SAST & OSS Compliance. 6. DevSecOps practices

Upgrade of a insurance application for next gen capabilities

MeKosha Solutions is assisting a Global InsureTech company rearchitect its web application and extending its architecture to be compliant with HIPPA, PCI DSS & GDPR requirements. Business Requirement: A Global Insurance Company with a differentiated product offering is looking at scaling its application and introducing capabilities to its features that ensures a scalable and sustainable architecture as well as introduce omni channel customer service capabilities for its users to help service their clients. The MeKosha Differentiator MeKosha Solutions was able to provide a redefined scalable architecture based on a three tier SOA architecture to enable create web applications and mobile applications. MeKosha’s extensive experience in compliance driven DevSecOps approach is being utilised to ensure the application receives acceptance by clients and regulators. Service Alignment. The product re-engineering utilises MeKosha’s capabilities in 1. SOA Architecture 2. IT Managed Infrastructure Services 3. Application Architecture and Design capabilities 4. DevSecOps practices

App Sec for IT

A leading IT company trusted MeKosha’s founders with revamping their quality processes in the Application life cycle management (ALM) to identify and mitigate defects proactively & ensure OSS compliance in early stage of development. Business Requirement: The company was facing quality with “Customer found defects” CFD’s and legal compliance issues by developers using OSS (Open Source Software) components which was freely available in the internet. The organization was looking at integrating VPAT , SAST & OSS tools and process in their CI/CD to ensure defect mitigations & compliances early in the development cycle The MeKosha Differentiator: Being well versed in this process automation with their founding partners with decades of experience charted out implementation with the following steps: 1) Evaluation of the customer existing ALM process, evaluating and recommending the best tool for Static & Dynamic analysis and where this analysis to be inserted in the existing process with minimal disruption. There was Be-Spoke engineering and custom scripts implemented for comprehensive dashboard and data mining. 2) Ensuring the defects identified in the ALM process are made visible in the program management process to ensure the development criteria are established for mitigation of these defects at different gates in the program review process, thereby enhancing the quality of the program releases. 3) For OSS compliances MeKosha implemented an automated compliance management tool with comprehensive process to identify and recommend the legal obligation for types of licenses the components were using. This helped the organisation to setup legal cell for reviewing the component used, the license type and the obligation that the customer had to perform to ensure the component legal and ethical usage. 4) In lieu of this implementation the company is able to reduce CFDs and on the ground able to achieve compliances for the OSS components used in their ALM processes. Service Alignment 1. DevSecOps 2. AppSec 3. Compliance 4. VPAT & SAST Services.

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